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Free Web Directory for your site

Add a FREE Web Directory and Web Search on your site with over 3.8 million of sites in more than 460,000 categories.
  • Your own brand!
  • No banners or pop-ups!
  • No CGI required!
  • Fully customizable lay-out!
  • 2 minutes Installation!
  • Fit into any web sites!
  • Compatible with intranet portals too!

    With just a very few lines of HTML code, you can get a free content and your web site will increase it's stickyness!.
    Yes! It will surely increase your web site value, with no annoying advertisement banners or pop-ups!
    Keep your sites layout by just inserting the code inside it. No need to upload to anywhere.

    Just copy the HTML code below, and paste it into any of your ready made Web page. Open the page in a browser and that's it! Will it takes more than a minutes to that simple cut & paste?

    Click Here if you wish to customize the appearance of your directory.

    Click Here if you wish to help us by using the same directory but with a ads banner.



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