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If you have already copy the given HTML code and paste it into your page, you should be wondering how are you going to change its appearance such as colors, fonts and size. Well look no more, because everything is here.

Customizing fonts, size and colors for your directory is easy. All you need to know is some basic knowledge of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

But don't worry if you know nothing about CSS. Just copy the following CSS code and paste it just before the line where you paste the directory's HTML code. You can  change the parameter and experience yourself with it. Go on, it won't do any harm.

Eksplora uses 2 class name which is "eks" and "ekshead" in it's output.

  • eks - is for the default text appearance
  • ekshead - is for category heading 

If you know CSS, you may explore the various setting and customization using these 2 classes. Good Luck!


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